Helcofloors® proudly presents the VINTAGE collection. This in 2 widths: 14/3x190x1900mm and 14/3x220x2200mm.

Wonderful selected characterful planks in French oak, not being too rough. Lightly brushed with scuff marks and deep-set black-filled cracks and knots with a soft-touch top coat. Virtually no open defects and does not require re-oiling. With ca. 1mm bevelled edge.

This selection fits perfectly in both modern sleek interiors as well as in more classic interiors.

ACVIN02/190 Brussels

ACVIN02/220 Brussels

ACVIN03/190 Ghent

ACVIN03/220 Ghent

ACVIN04/190 Courtrai

ACVIN04/220 Courtrai

ACVIN05/190 Liège

ACVIN05/220 Liège

ACVIN18/190 Bruges

ACVIN18/220 Bruges

ACVIN20/190 Antwerp

ACVIN20/220 Antwerp

Vintage Ingelmunster AC0204/190

Vintage Ingelmunster AC0220/220

Vintage Herringbone AHC008


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