Placement on underfloor heating

Engineered wooden floors are more suitable than solid wooden floors. They are more stable, since they are constructed out of two or more layers. Nevertheless, there are some rules to be observed when placing parquet on underfloor heating. We recommend the installing of the floor is left to a parquet professional.

In any case the heating system should not be switched on during the installation of the floor.  Room temperature should be between 18 and 24C° during installation.

Heating systems suitable for use with parquet are:

  • the WET system (heating tubes located in the overlay, so the layer covering the heating tubes should be at least 5 cm thick) and
  • the DRY system (uses heat-conducting plates).

Electric underfloor heating is not suitable, since it is subject to thermal shocks resulting from changes in temperature. This can have a negative effect on parquet flooring. Make sure the temperature of the water is kept as even as possible. This means changes between day- and night-time temperatures should be kept to a minimum – with preferably no change at all.

Note that, whatever the system, the maximum water temperature should be limited to 38°C. The surface of the floor should be under 25°C and be kept stable.  The usage of a humidifier in the room is imperative; this is also good for health.

Also note that the moisture level of a cementitious screed should be below 1.8%. For anhydrous screed, the moisture level should be no more than 0.3%.

The number one rule is never to turn the underfloor heating up too high, and to ensure that day- and night-time temperatures are kept even (avoiding thermal shocks).

It is also very important that the relative humidity in a room with underfloor heated parquet should be kept between 45 and 60%.

If using underfloor heating, the parquet should be completely glued down using the correct glue. Make sure to check whether this glue is suitable for use with underfloor heating before the floor is installed.

Following Installation:

Start-up protocol for all systems:  The start-up should go gradually with a 2°C increase of the water per day, as well as the switch off protocol.  The producer of the underfloor heating system should provide the appropriate method for the start-up protocol, which should be followed to the letter. If the underfloor heating system needs to be switched off, the protocol should be reversed.

As always, take into account general installation and conditioning regulations.

A frequently made mistake is that, following its installation, the parquet is covered by materials that are non-permeable by heat or air, e.g. for protecting against paint. This can cause problems, and should be avoided at all times.  Other items like carpets for example are will also increase the heat on local areas and can lead to problems.

Underfloor cooling does not work well with parquet. If an underfloor cooling system is used, the temperature of the water flowing through the tubes should never fall below 18°C.

Do not place rugs or carpets on parquet with underfloor heating!

Placement and aftercare

Congratulations on choosing a Helcofloors quality parquet. Please inspect your purchase to make sure the colour, type, size, and structure are correct and match your expectations before you begin the installation.

Before Installation:

Warehouse Storage and Conditioning

The storage room/site should be perfectly dry and sealed, with a temperature between 18 and 20°C. Relative humidity should be kept between 40 and 65°%.

Moisture levels of the foundation should be no more than 2.5%, which is for the party responsible for placement to determine. This applies not only to the surface layer, but to the entire foundation. The foundation should be tidy, degreased, dry, and in immaculate condition.

Parquet should be stored horizontally in the room in which it is to be used, with room temperatures kept between 18 and 20°C. Relative humidity should be kept consistently between 40 and 65%. Leave the materials in their original packaging for at least 48 hours before beginning installation. Packages should only be opened when their contents are ready to be installed.

Parquet should be installed on a firm, rigid surface that is pressure- and movement-proof. The surface should be cleaned thoroughly, removing any dust or fragments. The surface should be completely even – if not, it should be repaired/levelled before the parquet is installed.

If installing the parquet on an underfloor heating system, please refer to “Parquet on Underfloor Heating”.


Maintenance of your parquet




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