Low-Cost Offers: Overstock and Line-Ends

Helco frequently carries promotional offers by way of overstock or line-end products – faultless products which can nevertheless be yours at very reasonable prices. Go to

  • Overstock/Line-End Lots.



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In addition, we frequently offer traders the possibility to buy existing lots in larger amounts, by the pallet.

These are products which have not been featured in our collection, but which have been produced from good quality top coats or wood for which we were able to obtain at low costs. You can profit from the discounts we received for buying in bulk; our purchasing power works to your benefit. These overstock products are faultless, and let us offer very special and affordable deals to our regular clients. Get in touch with us for up-to-date information, or click the link below for our special offers:

  • Purchasing Overstock Lots by the Pallet. 

(dit hieronder niet vertalen…)

Steven, hierbij moeten we kunnen zaken invullen en aanpassen. We gaan producten en hoeveelheden schrijven zonder prijzen.

Foto’s van de stockloten erbij, finishes en afmetingen.

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