Unfinished collection

Beautiful assortments on 3 layers and plywood in different widths.

In the 15/4 planks we have built all 190 mm wide planks on a stable three-layer structure and all 220 mm wide (Q1, Q2 and Q3) planks on plywood. The top layers are 4 mm thick and sawn for extra stability and suitable for underfloor heating.

The grades in our untreated 15/4 planks are Select, PRO and Rustic.


All gradings, Select, Pro and Rustic are available in 190 mm and in 220 mm width.

Vintage unfinished is available in 190, 220 and 260 mm as well as on a multiply herringbone with 150 mm width.

190 mm wide:




Vintage unfinished

220 mm wide:

Select - Q1

Pro - Q2

Rustiek - Q3

Vintage unfinished

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Select unfinished

Select may contain dots or a possible knot of a maximum of 8-10 mm. It is a very neat sorting.

All Select is 15/4 with extra stable, sawn top layers. Made for underfloor heating.

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Pro unfinished

The Pro selection is still a neat floor that can contain buttons up to about 20-25 mm maximum. No splits are present. All Pro is 15/4 with extra stable, sawn top layers. Top for underfloor heating.

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Rustiek unfinished

Knots are possible up to about 5 cm diameter, flat filled with a dark filler. Small splits are possible, flat filled. A limited amount of sapwood may be present, but our rustic is neatly sorted with a beautifully present wood structure. All our rustic is 15/4 construction with sawn top layers, which makes them suitable for underfloor heating.

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Vintage unfinished

Vintage is a warm selection of carefully selected Rustic boards that expresses nature. The 3 D surface has not been sanded flat in the traditional way, which makes the wood live and reflect its own character.

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Vintage herringbone unfinished

The Vintage is a unique product that is difficult to produce. The surface appears to be recuperated/vintage, but shows no artificial markings. Take a good look at this in the dealer showrooms. To create combinations in stylish homes, we have created a herringbone in this selection, 150 mm wide and 750 mm long, matching perfectly the same rustic features as the Vintage lamella floors. Knots can be up to about 50 mm with limited and nice looking splices, detailed with dark appropriate fillers.

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