We will provide you samples with pleasure. Booklets, architectural folders, displays or your own formats, made to your dimensions. Our flexibility has also been extended to sample material so that you can offer our range to your end customers.

Contact our salespeople if you want to order sample material for the Netherlands or contact our administrative department for Belgium, the UK or France.

Sample book

Our sample booklets are presented in a representative manner with a beautiful cover page that displays the necessary information.

Also with a neat leather strap that represents the quality of the product.

We offer 3 booklets:

- Vintage booklet: 7 Vintage colours;

- Venice booklet: 5 Pro colours;

- Venice booklet: 5 Cottage colors together with the 2 New Smart colors;

- Verona booklet: 5 Verona colors.

In VENICE the pieces are approximately 30 cm in size across the full width of the planks.

In VINTAGE we work with approximately 40 cm large pieces and 19 cm wide.

Architect Maps

We can customise these maps as per your request. 

These folders are representative and of high quality.


In Venice, the display boards are finished with care and glued to an MDF backing board.

This is similar for Vintage, which has a dark frame around the board, in addition.

Each display has a label with all relevant information.

The dimensions of our display boards are 57 cm wide by 90 cm high, each approximately 2 cm thick.

Pro Display

The luxurious version in display is also available.

The Helco logo and images have been effectively printed into the board.

This exceptional display is 1.4 m wide, 2.2 m high and approximately 70 cm deep. There is a toaster foot in front to present the color range.