Venice collection

The ideal 15/4

The Venice collection has been around for 22 years and has proven its qualities.

It is the well-tested, stable three-layer structure of 15/4 mm. This means that the top layer can be resanded several times if you ever want a different color or finish.

We stick to the traditional values and spend a lot of time on the sorting: the correct top layers, the correctly triaged intermediate layers and the balanced bottom layer. Everything must meet our standards and each layer is carefully dried and adjusted to each other.

We have made no compromises: quality adhesives in combination with German finishing products. All our top layers are sawn (not sliced or cut), so they will not show cracks over time. The intermediate layers are of the better selections so that everything is extra stable and is therefore ideal for underfloor heating.


15/4x189x1860/1900 mm (Cottage) and 15/4x220x2200 mm (Attic), both monolam with three-layer stable construction.


Air-dried oil, UV oil and UV varnish.


Venice Select Effetto Grezzo

A beautiful and even selection, virtually knot-free. A pit and a maximum of one button up to approximately 8 mm are permitted.

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Venice Pro

A nice and fairly even selection. Buttons up to 20-25 mm are allowed.

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Pro Casa Grigio

Pro Crema

Pro Effetto Grezzo

Pro Elephant Grey

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Pro Norton

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Venice Cottage

Cottage is a rustic grade selection. Splits are possible and are neatly flat filled with a dark filler. Knots up to 5-6 cm, camouflaged sapwood and possibly considerable color differences between and within boards may be present.

In other words, full of character and very naturally indeed!

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Cottage Natural

Cottage Elephant Grey

Cottage Wedding

Cottage Crema

Cottage Effetto Grezzo

Cottage new!

Cottage now also has larger rustic floorboards of 220 mm wide: ATTIC. High-quality finishes in varnish and oil with a top layer of 4 mm European oak. A budget product that is nevertheless very easy to install and offers simple maintenance.

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Attic Effetto Grezzo

Attic Wedding

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