Our 4 Helcofloors® collections

Vintage collection

At Vintage, the "nature" aspect is immediately noticeable. The characterful grading as well as the surface that feels robust is almost a bit brutal. You bring the logs into your home, the artificial is gone and you see no human intervention on the surface.

A lovely floor!

Difficult to produce and available exclusively at Helcofloors®. Moreover, it can be easily combined in 4 different sizes that can be installed in a mix. Beautiful contemporary colors and, important, the floor is affordable.

Delivery from stock.

Venice collection

Venice is in the higher segment of wooden floors with 15/4 construction. Initially created for contracting: restaurants and hotels. Now also available in the same quality for residential use, if that's the case. The sawn top layers almost completely eliminate the possibility of cracking and delamination.

- Various sizes, widths of 190 and 220 mm.

- Oxidative oil, UV oil and UV super matt varnishes.

- The Venice floor installs very smoothly.

- Contemporary colors for every interior.

- Delivery from stock.

New Smart collection

- Beautiful colors, finished with a super matte varnish.

- Easy maintenance.

- New Smart has a top layer of 3 mm oak and is therefore budget-friendly, but we have made this product with sawn top layers. We have designed this product for use on underfloor heating.

- Available from stock.

Unfinished collection

- From 190 mm to 260 mm wide possible as well as in herringbone, depending on the size.

- SELECT: available on 15/4 in 190 mm as well as in 220 mm (Q1) wide.

- PRO: available at 15/4 in 190 mm and in 220 mm (Q2) wide.

- Rustic: possible on 15/4 support and in 190 mm + 220 mm (Q3) width.

- Vintage: is a 14/3 and available in 190, 220 and 260 mm wide, as well as in herringbone.

- Available from stock.

Verona collection

You can select the size and sorting from our unfinished products and then choose a color and finish from Verona: oxidative finishes or varnishes.

- The standard finish is with Rubio Monocoat.

- Fast deliveries possible.

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