Fitting and maintenance advice

Prior to the fitting

You have chosen a Helcofloors® parquet, a quality parquet. Before placing the items, make sure that it is the correct color, selection, size and selection and that everything completely meets your expectations.

On-site storage and conditioning.

The room/area must be perfectly dry and closed. The parquet must be stored horizontally in the room where it will be installed, at a room temperature between 18 and 20°C. The relative humidity must be kept constant between 45 and 60 percent. Leave the material in the original packaging for at least 48 hours before starting installation. The packs are only opened at the time of installing.

The basic underfloor must contain less than 2.5 percent moisture, the installer must ensure that this is the case. Not just the surface but throughout the entire subsurface. The surface must be clean, degreased, dry and in perfect condition and free of all dirt and dust. If necessary, it must be leveled and it is also important that the surface may need to be coated with a primer. All the more reasons to have a professional carrying out the work.

Installation must be done on a hard surface that is rigid and can withstand pressure and movement. Clean the surface very thoroughly to remove all dust and residue and check for perfect evenness. If necessary, the surface must be repaired/leveled before installing the parquet.

If you install on underfloor heating or underfloor cooling, please read 'installation on underfloor heating and underfloor cooling'.

Maintenance immediately after installation:

For instructions immediately after installation, as well as for healthy further maintenance to keep your floor in optimal conditions, please see 'maintenance of your parquet' below. Here you can also find the corresponding methods per collection and finish to maintain your Helcofloors® parquet floor.

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Installing on floor heating and floor cooling

1. Installing on floor heating

Engineered wood floors are better suited for this than solid floors because they are more stable. After all, its structure consists of two or more layers. However, certain rules must be observed when installing parquet on underfloor heating. It is better not to do this yourself, but we recommend having the work carried out by a professional parquet installer with the necessary experience.

The heating systems that are suitable for combination with parquet are the following:

the Wet system (the heating pipes are located in the covering layer and the layer above the heating pipes must be at least 5 cm.)
the Dry system (system with heat conduction plates).

Electric underfloor heating is not recommended as temperature differences can cause heat shocks, which can cause problems. If the temperature fluctuations are limited, then it is possible.

Always ensure a water temperature that is kept as constant as possible and the temperature should not go over a maximum of 40°C. A minimal difference between day and night temperatures is recommended, but it is actually better to keep this constant.

Always keep in mind that with any system the surface temperature should not exceed 25-27°C.

Please also note that the mass moisture content of a cement-bound screed is below 1.8 percent. For an anhydrite-bound screed, this may be a maximum of 0.5 percent. With an anhydrite screed, descaling must be done, it must be thoroughly vacuumed and it is best to use a primer; this before gluing and installing.

A golden rule is never to set the underfloor heating too hot and let it run at the same temperature day and night (avoid heat shocks).

The relative humidity in the room should remain between 45 and 60 percent. This is also very important.

With underfloor heating, the parquet must be completely glued with the correct adhesive. So before you install, check whether or not the adhesive is suitable for underfloor heating!

2. Placing the floor on floor cooling systems

With underfloor cooling, cold water is sent through the pipes instead of hot water. Floor cooling in combination with our parquet floor is no problem, but that does depend on the cooling system you have chosen. It is true that the compatibility of the cooling system must be guaranteed by the system provider. If this is not the case, our warranty conditions will not apply. What do we mean by this?

The cooling system must have proper protection against condensation, by various sensors that alarm when condensation may occur. So discuss with the installer whether such sensors are built-in. It is also true that the temperature of the water flowing through the pipes must not be colder than 18°C.

The same heating protocol applies as with underfloor heating with a reverse cooling protocol.

3. After placement on floor heating and floor cooling

Warm-up protocol for all systems.

First check whether the screed is sufficiently dry (at the earliest 3-4 weeks after installation). Then increase the water temperature by 3°C per day until it reaches 42°C. Allow the screed to reach a surface temperature of 28°C. When switching off the heating, follow the procedure in reverse.

Important: if there is damage to your floor due to insufficient compliance with the heating protocol, your warranty will be voided.

Here too, always take into account the general installation instructions and conditioning instructions.

In any case and without exception, a humidifier should also be installed in every room where parquet is combined with underfloor heating. Make sure that it has sufficient capacity for the room(s) involved.

A common mistake is that after installation, the parquet is covered with materials that are not air and heat permeable, to protect it from paint work, for example. This can cause problems. Make sure you avoid this.

Do not place rugs on parquet with underfloor heating!

For instructions immediately after installation, as well as for healthy further maintenance to keep your floor in optimal conditions, please see 'maintenance of your parquet' below. Here you can also find the corresponding methods per collection and finish to maintain your Helcofloors® parquet floor.

Maintenance of your parquet

Maintaining your parquet is often easier than you think. Follow these guidelines to keep your floor in optimal condition:

Preparations for the optimal use of your new floor after installation:

To ensure that your parquet floor remains in top condition, we recommend applying an extra protective layer immediately after installation, depending on the specific finish of your floor. Here are the recommended precautions and we recommend using either Woca or Lecol or Floorservice:

1. Oxidative Oil (impregnated):

Recommended product: Maintenance oil. Apply a thin layer of maintenance oil for extra protection.

2. UV Oil and UV Varnishes:

Recommended product: Mat polish. (Do not use oil products). Apply this to protect the UV finish. 

3. Effetto Grezzo Finish:

Recommended product: Extra mat polish. Apply this for optimal protection. Do not use oil or maintenance oil here either.

Be careful! Varnish and/or Effetto Grezzo cannot stop fat sources for a long time. In case of stains from oil/grease or wine, immediately remove excess material and clean.

Dry cleaning of the floor:

Preferably remove loose dirt using a vacuum cleaner. Remaining grains of sand form a kind of sandpaper and can scratch the surface. Only clean the newly oiled floor dry during the first 10 days.

Wet cleaning of the floor:

If dirt is stuck, mop the floor with Floorservice Parquet Cleaner. Approx. Mix 100 ml Parquet Cleaner with 10 liters of clean water and clean your parquet with a well-wrung mop. Before walking on the floor again, allow the floor to dry thoroughly.

Avoid using pure water when cleaning your floor.

Floor maintenance:

To keep the airdried oiled floor in optimal condition, treatment (with Floorservice) is necessary from time to time, depending on the intensity of use of the floor. In the case of white oiled floors, use Maintenance Oil White and for dark shades use Floor Service Maintenance Oil Natural.

First clean the floor thoroughly with Floorservice Parquet Cleaner (see wet cleaning of the floor) and let it dry thoroughly. On smaller surfaces, apply the Floor Service Maintenance Oil thinly and evenly with a cloth in the direction of the wood grain.

For larger surfaces we recommend the use of a single-disc machine. Drip the Maintenance Oil in the form of a hose on the floor and polish with a single-disc machine and a thick white pad.

Below is a short instructional video on how to use maintenance oil: Floorservice Maintenance Oil (EN) (

With these guidelines you will keep your floor in optimal condition and enjoy its beautiful appearance for a long time. For further details and specific products, please visit our website or contact our customer service.

You can choose from renowned brands such as Floorservice, Woca or Lecol for the above products. Follow the suppliers' detailed instructions for proper application and to preserve the lifespan and appearance of your floor.

Warranty terms and conditions Helcofloors®

1. General

1.1 These are the warranty conditions (hereinafter: “Warranty Conditions”) of HELCO BV, trading under the name 'Helcofloors®', with registered office at 7971 Beloeil, Rue Jean-Bapt. Daudergnies (Bas) 4, and registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0808.972.278 (hereinafter: “Helcofloors®”, “We”, “Us”).

1.2 Current Warranty Conditions determine the conditions and scope of the warranty offered by Helcofloors® that apply to all parquet floor parts sold by Helcofloors® to the customer, in particular any company (whether or not with legal personality) that, when purchasing the parquet floor parts, acts for professional purposes (hereinafter: “Customer”).

1.3 Unless specifically waived in writing, these Warranty Conditions are binding on both parties and take precedence over any other terms or conditions. When signing a quotation, the Customer must declare that he/she has taken note of these Warranty Conditions and confirms that he/she accepts the resulting rights and obligations. The Warranty Conditions can be freely consulted at any time on the Helcofloors® website:

2. Term, commencement and scope of the warranty

2.1 The warranty applies from the date of purchase, as shown on the purchase invoice, and is valid for 20 years for normal residential use and 10 years for commercial use.

2.2 By using the warranty scheme, the warranty period is not extended.

2.3 This warranty cannot be transferred to third parties. Only the Customer who is the first owner of the floor parts can make use of the warranty scheme.

3. Scope of the warranty

3.1 Visible defects:

Visible defects or deviations will be replaced/exchanged at no additional cost, provided they are reported immediately and before the goods are placed or processed.

This warranty lapses if the floor parts are installed or processed anyway and/or cannot be returned to Helcofloors® in their original or undamaged condition.

3.2 Hidden defects:

We are responsible for hidden defects (such as manufacturing defects), provided that the parquet floor has been installed correctly according to our instructions, which can be consulted on our website or the instructions of Buildwise (formerly: WTCB).

However, this warranty for hidden defects does not apply if:

  • The parquet floor is stored or installed in a damp or wet room; and
  • Renovations/repairs or any other interventions are carried out on the floor parts involved (both before and after their installation);

3.3 Exclusions:

The warranty does not apply to:

  • Optical defects (such as color differences, surface variations, deformations and spots) are caused by the influence of UV, oil, grease or chemical substances, or other optical defects are caused by, for example, changing climatic conditions, but also optical variations;
  • Normal aging and/or wear symptoms on, among other things, the top layer of the parquet; surface variations and the occurrence of deformations, whether or not due to aging of the floor;
  • Damage caused, including but not limited to impact damage from heavy objects, damage due to stiletto heels, furniture, stones, sand, pets, etc.;
  • Damage due to incorrect use, absence of (correct) maintenance, use for a purpose other than that for which it is intended, accidents or careless actions;
  • Stains or mechanical damage to the surface due to careless handling during transport, during storage;
  • Defects and/or defects caused by moisture and/or water damage or other causes, even in the event of force majeure;
  • Defects due to installation on electric underfloor heating, unless there is a written agreement from Helcofloors® to extend the warranty to this end.

4. Recourse to the guarantee scheme

If the Customer discovers a (hidden) defect that he believes is covered by the warranty, the Customer must report this in writing to Helcofloors® within 8 days of discovering the defect. The Customer must always attach a copy of the purchase invoice to this written notification. In the event of late notification, the Customer's right to warranty lapses by operation of law.

In the event of a warranty claim for a hidden defect, the Customer must also demonstrate that the installation was carried out according to our instructions or the instructions of Buildwise and the Customer will provide the relevant documents, in particular invoice, installation plans, order confirmations, delivery note, etc.

As soon as the Customer discovers a possible defect, the Customer will limit damage to the floor parts by storing them (if possible) in the original packaging, completely sealed from air and moisture, up to and including the moment of inspection by Helcofloors®.

In the event of a warranty case recognized by Helcofloors®, the defective floor parts will be repaired free of charge or equivalent replacement material will be supplied.

Helcofloors® reserves the right to carry out the necessary work and deliveries itself or to outsource it to a third party.

The warranty applies exclusively to the floor parts supplied and does not cover labor costs, the cost of additional materials, transport costs, labor costs or any other resulting loss.

5. Applicable law and competent court

5.1 These Warranty Conditions are subject to Belgian law, with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

5.2 In the event of a dispute about the warranty, the parties may agree to appoint an independent expert to provide binding advice on the products supplied by us. The cost of the experts and expertise involved must be agreed and approved in writing in advance.

Unless mandatory law provides otherwise, all disputes between parties regarding the current Warranty Conditions fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Tournai district.